Bangla Problem? “READ THIS”

Make your pc bangla compatible:

This blog uses  Unicode (UTF-8) as the “encoding” scheme for its websites. In order to view Bangla :

step 1:

In Windows XP:

1) CLICK HERE to download bangla font. Go to –> control panel–>Fonts and paste the font file there.

2) Download icomplex provided by OmicroneLab and click click install complex scripts.



In Windows Vista:

In Windows Vista ‘Bangla script support‘ is automatically enabled. Just download the Bangla font and paste it to ‘c:\windows\fonts’.

In Linux:

You do not need to do anything to enable viewing of Indic text. Ensure you have Bangla Unicode fonts.

In Mac OS X:

Unicode support is built into Mac OS X (Cocoa based applications). You need to download and install Bangla unicode supported fonts with Apple Advanced Typography (AAT) to enable it. You can download some of them from Ekushey.Org.

step 2:

Configure your Browser:

Bangla setup on Internet Explorer:

  1. from menu click on tools and select internet options
  2. from this window click on fonts
  3. click on the drop down list for language scripts
  4. select bengali from this drop down list (you may have to scroll up to locate it)
  5. select likhan for web page font. then click ok and ok again.

this completes your setup for internet explorer.

Bangla setup on firefox:

  1. from menu click on tools and select options
  2. from this window click on contents
  3. click on advanced button for fonts & colors
  4. click on the drop down list for option fonts for. select bengali from this list
  5. complete all the option fields as show in the following image and then click on ok.

click ok again to complete your setup.

this completes your setup for firefox.

Bangla setup on opera :

  1. from menu click on tools and select preferences
  2. click on advanced tab, fonts from left menu and click international fonts
  3. choose writing system ‘bengali’ from drop-down list
  4. select likhan for normal font. click ok until you exit from preferences

this completes your setup for opera.

Solution for the small fonts problem:

1)Using the zoom feature in your browser

You can use the “text size”/”zoom” feature of your browser to enlarge it. The methods for increasing “text-size” in different browsers are as follows:

  • Firefox 1.5 or later: Go to View->Text size->Increase; OR, hold down Control, and press “+”
  • Internet Explorer 6  or later: Go to View->Text size->Larger(or, Largest)
  • Opera 9 or later : Go to View->Zoom-> (select %); OR, press “+” for a 10% increase.

2) Modified Vrinda font:

Download the modified Vrinda font from here.  (Do not click direct. Just Right click->Save link As…) .

Then Replace this file with the original Vrinda font in your fonts folder of control panel.